Chess Bot | ChessBotX 1.5.9 | Next Chess Move Calculator

Chess Bot | ChessBotX 1.5.9 | Next Chess Move Calculator

Chess Bot: to use a chess bot?ChessBot is a computer app, which can play chess at online websites. It has a lot of cool features. F…

Chess Bot:
How to use a chess bot?
ChessBot is a computer app, which can play chess at online websites. It has a lot of cool features. For example, program can show best moves straight on the chessboard during your current game. You can use it for educational purposes to study chess. Or just for fun! However, please note that if you’re using this tool for cheating in chess, you will be banned sooner or later.

Alternatively, it can play automatically using your cursor (in that case – cheat will be very fast, making up to 15 moves per second). This is useful for testing chess engines and opening books. There are even websites where enthusiasts play bot-vs-bot matches (something like chess programs competition).

Also, this tool can be used as a personal virtual chess coach. In this mode ChessBot will evaluate each of your moves and show score for the current position. Moreover, the application has several instruments for training and studying chess. Virtual chess coach will be with you 24/7 in every game.


Chess helper is the program for Windows only. Unfortunately it is not available for Android / iOS. There is no direct support for MacOS also, however you can try to use some virtual machine like Parallels. Windows 7, 8 and 10 are the best choices for the bot.

Here is the list of important requirements:

1. Use Google Chrome browser only. Virtual Coach may not work properly in other browsers.
2. Browser zoom (scaling) must be at the default value (scale=100%).
3. Windows system scaling (size of the text, icons, etc) also must be = 100%.
4. Recommended screen resolutions: 1366×768, 1440×900, 1600×900, 1920×1080. Please note that cheat will be faster on a smaller resolution.
5. Color configuration (RGB palette) must be default.
6. If you have 2 or more monitors, please note that the program will work only on the Main display.
7. Also – you need to set a specific chessboard color and pieces style at the website settings. For example, at you don’t need to change anything, chess cheat will work fine with the default settings. However, at you must set ChessBoard = “Brown” and Pieces = “Classic”.

Seems too many things to check? Don’t worry, usually most of the settings are fine by default and ChessBot will work right out of the box. However, if something goes wrong, please follow these steps and check the troubleshooting page.

How to install

1. Download zip-archive with the cheat (demo version or full version, which you will receive via email).
2. Make sure to unpack the entire folder from the arhive to the desktop. Do not run program directly from the arhive.
3. Make sure that your antivirus / firewall is not blocking the program. Add ChessBot.exe to the whitelist.
4. Run ChessBot.exe from the folder. It is recommended to run as administrator.


1. Open chess website, where you want to play and start a new game.
2. Make sure to set proper chessboard colors and pieces style. It is also better to turn off animations.
3. Usually it is recommended to maximize the browser window.
4. Make sure that nothing is overlapping the chessboard.
5. Choose playing mode on the Main tab of the chessbotx. If you want automatic mode, then turn off both Advisor and Coach checkboxes. If you need advisor mode – enable Advisor checkbox.
6. Press START BOT button. Alternatively, use hokeys Alt+W to play as white or Alr+B to play as black. You can change hotkeys on the Advanced tab.

Note: You can also use the “Play By Key” option. “Play by key” feature allows a helper to play automatically, but it will make (or show, in case of the advisor mode) each move only after you press the key on the keyboard (button “9” by default).

The cool thing about the chessbot is that it can work from any (random) position for all popular chess websites. For example, at first you can start and play the game by yourself. And when a difficult position will come up – the helper will show you one or several good variants of continuation. Understanding and memorizing tactic patterns will help you to improve your chess eventually.

How to change a chess engine

Stockfish is the default chess engine for the chess cheat bot. However, you can use other UCI engines like Komodo, Houdini, Leela, Brainfish, Fire, Rybka, Ethereal, Fat Fritz, etc. We can recommend to try Brainfish chess engine with the Cerebellum opening book – it is strong, stable and well-rounded.

If you want to use your own chess engine:

1. Go to “Advanced” tab.
2. Click on the Engine bar (click on the name of the current engine in the yellow box).
3. “Engine Manager” window will pop up.
4. Press Add button in the “Engine Manager” and specify path to the chess engine you wish to use.
5. Now choose engine from the list and press “Choose” button (or just double-click on the name).
6. That’s all – chessbot will use your new engine! You can configure chess engine by pressing “Engine settings” button.