How to Play Dice Chess

How to Play Dice Chess

Timestamps OR Chapters:0:00 How to Play Dice Chess?0:26 Rules of Dice Chess2:14 How to Win in Dice Chess?Today, in our sports encyclopedia series we will tal…

Timestamps OR Chapters:
0:00 How to Play Dice Chess?
0:26 Rules of Dice Chess
2:14 How to Win in Dice Chess?

Today, in our sports encyclopedia series we will talk about how to play Dice Chess.
Dice chess is a chess variant that is played on a regular chessboard with dice.
When a players turn comes, they roll both dice and then pick one of their pieces to move as indicated by one of the dice rolled.
The game is played with two sets of pieces, black and white.
The board is set up by laying it out on the table and setting up the pieces on opposing ends of the board.
All pieces function and move like regular chess except for a few changes.
Each player is given two chess dice at the beginning of the game.
Normal dice can also be used by assigning pieces to the numbers according to this list: 1 is a pawn, 2 is a knight, 3 is a bishop, 4 is a rook, 5 is queen, and 6 is king.
A player cannot move a piece if the rolled dice does not indicate it.
If a player rolls a double, then they can choose any of their pieces to move.
If a player does not have any legal move for either dice rolled, then they lose their turn without moving and the opponent continues.
Players are allowed to castle their king using normal conditions if they manage to roll a rook, king, or doubles.
Players can only execute en passant, using the pawn to capture a pawn that has just passed it if they roll a pawn or doubles the very next turn when the first opportunity for the en passant capture arises.
If a player is in check, they are only allowed to move pieces rolled that assist them in getting out of the check.
If the roll is not in favor of the player, the player loses the turn but does not lose the game.
In the next turn, if the opponent player rolls the appropriate pieces needed to capture the king, the player loses the game.
If the opposing player fails to capture the king, the player gets another chance to roll a dice and get out of the check.
The player that manages to capture the other players king is declared the winner.
If the game reaches a stalemate, the game draws and the opponent player wins if one player forfeits.

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